St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands

A few views of the island. Maho Bay Camp dots the hills in the center of the first photo (but is mostly hidden among the trees).

View from the restaurant where we took most of our meals; the boardwalk path, and our cottage.

A bananaquit lighted on my coffee mug one morning on our deck. Hermit crabs and iguanas roamed the camp (as did several semi-wild kitties).

A leafhopper on our screen; an egret sitting patiently for a photo-op at Cinnamon Bay.

Day trips took us to the Cinnamon Bay sugar plantation and its family graveyard, scuba diving at the caves on Norman Island, and checking out coral on the beaches...

We also walked around Cruz Bay, where we saw this burnt-out hotel (with one room still for rent!)...but had dinner in a much nicer joint called Morgan's Mango.

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