Writing It Up In The Garden - Jan. 2006

The trip up was an uneventful 7 hours, though it was foggy all the way.

I stayed, again, at the lovely Tin Roof Bed & Breakfast (sadly for us, it will be closing next month as the fabulous owners retire). They have two teenage cats named Cyril and Mozart.

The view from my bedroom window, Saturday morning in the rain and Sunday morning in the snow...

The writers... Besides lunch with the group, I had the chance to go to PACE to catch the performances of poets Maya Hersh, Blair, and Christa Bell... plus a surprise (hilarious) poem by the event's organizer herself, Jessica!

Nerissa has the most beautiful, inviting house (filled with Beatley goodness)... and look! She's got something in the proverbial oven!

The trip down... was horrible, actually. You can't tell that in this photo, because I've finally located a fresh gallon of windshield wiper fluid and can see the road again, and the sun is shining. Not shown: High winds.

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