Tenebrous Empire 6/25/05

Ah, if only every day could begin with a leisurely brunch at a New Jersey diner... (I tried to capture Mr.Darkness' mirror image, but he caught me at it. Also, I was fascinated by the "SYRUP," which did not even pretend to be vaguely reminiscent of maple.)

We went into NYC for some retail therapy, and the Baron bonded with a Badger.

Then (after a fantabulous, and surprisingly inexpensive, meal at Dojo) we meandered down to Otto's Shrunken Head. Tenebrous Kate's monster skirt befriended an almost-as-cool Day of the Dead skirt, and a drunken mermaid befriended Kate. I alienated the barmaid by requiring silly straws and glowlights in my non-alcoholic beverages.

After watching a bit of Disturbing Cinema Hour and viewing some of amy_e's Mermaid Parade pix, we adjourned to the back room for the surf-punk stylings of The Crimson Ghosts.

Then back to Tenebrous Land on the PATH train... some of us were blurry.

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