Excursion to the Kunzang Palyul Choling Tibetan Buddhist center

It was a gray day. The geese loved it. They were all over the place at the Greenbelt metro station, where Snidegrrl picked me up.

After some Mt.Dew and stroking of cats at L&Z's apartment, we headed off to the temple. Rackletang stood a discreet distance away for her pre-temple cigarette. I can't believe I failed to capture the Code Pink No Sweat pink high-top sneakers in this picture.

First stop was the forest. The quiet fell all around us like rain. I wanted to stay and stay.

Then we went to the main temple building. In classic American Buddhist style, we meditated briefly in the peace chapel and then hit the gift shop!

The temple grounds are full of prayer flags and bird feeders, and there is another large stupa nearby. Watrfae lit a candle at the stupa while Rackletang (in her pink sneakers!) admired it from a perfectly situated bench.

Back at L&Z's, Sadmnky made awesome vegan pizza while the cats lavished affection on Snidegrrl.

By the time Snidegrrl and I left, it had started to rain, but I was happy... that just means we have to go back again and see the temple in sunshine.

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