Maryland Faerie Festival 2005

J's sister painted her face. I was impressed that I got the "in costume" discount
despite not having wings, but then J's sister told me that she, too, had
received the discount -- for wearing a Tinkerbell t-shirt!
And yet, D's I ♥ Tater Tots button did not qualify.

J. is a Glitter Pusher. She sent her husband back to the car for the glitter,
while we waited in the very long line for food. The manly Utilikilt-ed man in front of us
attempted to rub his sweaty face on J's skin as a way of applying glitter.
His buddy in the leather-leaf kilt let me try on his cunning wire-framed wings.
(The llamas were in a pasture next to the line for food. A child was feeding them leaves.)

It was a very small festival, with no Unseelie faction to speak of,
but some of the denizens were entertaining.
(That last one is a Nile Monitor Lizard.)

Wings were shockingly expensive, so I abandoned my plan to buy a set
and just walked on the ground. (Barefoot, at least. Nice grass!)
We did pick up the debut issue of Faerie Magazine, which contains wing-making instructions.
And of course, we took pics of various winged folk.

The lad with the umbrella had a big spider on his back, and bats hanging from his brolly.
Not pictured: guy whose wings were made out of bubble-wrap, held on by
being stuck through between his knapsack and his back.

A few obligatory posed shots (note J. very patiently waiting for me to shut my mouth)
and then we were on our way. Time to go home and plan some crafty wing-making....

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