9/25/04 weekend in Forlakistan (and nearby wilderness areas)

Ah, the tranquil gardens of Forlakistan. This is Filth, the gardener. He can also be used as a light meter test.
Action... Inaction... ...Again, Dan could probably animate this series together.

Miss R., with snacks.
Into the wilderness!
R&R... (I thought I set that light meter! D'oh!)
A brief bout of upside-down-ness.
I'm the grown-up. In the middle.

Fun with gravel. More fun with gravel.
Uh-oh... Entirely too much fun with gravel! Duck! Whee! OW!

Miss Sphere practices her Silly Run.
The moms do not try to catch up.
We meet a poodle.

Wood elf with garland. Wood elf with leaf.

Up the hill!
The intrepid climbers.
A nice place to rest.
I'm smiling because no-one has fallen off a boulder yet.
One of the boulders. (View from the top.)
Me and Pokerface. Me and...hmm..looks like Pokerface Jr!
Raina likes these sneakers.
Told you this kid could smile!

Ahh, the woods! But we have to go back down now.

Group shot by Raina. And another.
Group shot by Tilly.
R&R being cute (as if they could help it).
On the fence (photo by Tilly).
On the fence (photo by Raina).
It was fun. Now you will carry us home, right?

Raina's goose egg. This did NOT happen on our walk, I swear!